Priya Kaur-Jones is a northern girl by birth. Born to an English father and an Indian mother, she grew up immersed in two very different cultures in a village not far from Leeds.

At the age of eighteen she moved a bit further south to Nottingham where she studied for a degree in Genetics at the University of Nottingham, focusing on HIV, Cancer and Medical Ethics. At the end of her studies she realised that looking down a microscope for the rest of her life did not appeal, so Priya decided to be a student for another year. She went back to Yorkshire and did a postgraduate diploma in Broadcast Journalism at the Northern Media School in Sheffield.

Straight after finishing her diploma, Priya secured her first job in broadcasting, working as a reporter and newsreader for different stations within the Lincs Fm Radio Group. She started her career at Rutland Radio and then moved to Fosseway Radio in Leicestershire where she stayed for six months.  The BBC Asian Network was the next move for Priya. She joined their rapidly expanding team as a bulletin reader, and was then promoted to East Midlands reporter after ten months. In this job Priya built relationships within the Asian community and focused on their thoughts and reactions to stories in the news. She produced a series of reports on the attitudes of different age groups within the community to the Iraq war. These were broadcast across the BBC.

It wasn’t long before an opportunity arose in television, and Priya jumped at it, becoming a reporter and presenter for BBC East Midlands Today in Nottingham. She remained there for just over two years before joining Five News at the end of 2005. Priya made her presenting debut for Five News on Christmas day, and at the same time became the youngest ever national news reader.

After raising her profile presenting and reporting for Five News, Priya was invited back to the BBC to present the Politics Show in the East Midlands. She rose to the challenge, and spent the next year hosting the live half hour debate show every Sunday, grilling politicians about their policies and ideas.

London then beckoned again and in summer 2007, Priya moved back down south to work for GMTV. Taken on as a reporter and producer, she spent the first six months at GMTV travelling around the country, covering a diverse range of stories, from the biggest dog in the world, to the disappearance of Madeleine McCaan. In January 2008, Priya became GMTV’s Newshour newsreader, presenting the 6.00am and 6.30am news every day.
She left GMTV in January 2010 and moved to Cairo, where she currently lives and works as a voice over artist, presenter and model, all while learning Arabic!

Having come runner up in Miss India UK in 2001, Priya impressed everyone involved so much that she was invited to host the event in 2004 and 2005. She was also one of the judges in the preliminary audition rounds.

A fan of most sports, Priya is particularly fond of squash and formula 1, passions the whole family shares. Priya spent two years covering squash for the BBC at the major UK tournaments. In her spare time she loves heading off for motor racing circuits around the world to watch the Grand Prix.

Thanks to her parents who were always carting her off to weird and wonderful parts of the world from a young age, Priya was bitten by the travel bug. She loves getting away, whether it be relaxing on the beaches of Goa doing yoga, crossing Siberia on a train, or trekking in the Himalayas. In 2005 Priya and two friends trekked to base camp Everest, raising £15,000 for several charities and contracting pneumonia en route!
In 2009 Priya continued her fundraising efforts by running the London marathon. She ran with well know fundraiser Lloyd Scott, dressed as the Beatles, carrying a 14ft yellow submarine. It took them quite a while to get to the finish line, but together they raised over £50,000 for charity.

For more information about Priya’s availability contact +44 (0)7930 391 401